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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I had another dream 2 nights ago.

I was at a commercial place of business that got raided by the police and they wanted everyone to pass
 themselves out by using that strong chemical that you put over your nose with a cloth (I forget the name of it now). Then allow the officers to do something to their bodies afterwards, I forget now.

Of, course I was like OH UH! NO! I kept thinking how am I going to get out of this situation I don't want to do this!  Sure enough everyone was willingly do it they did not even have to use force. At the last minute I thought to myself, Well, I guess I have to do it because I have no way of escape.

Next scene I saw was my stealing a cop car with a man and another young lady! We sought refuge in a park where we planned our next move. Amazingly no one found or tracked us there. There was a full on helicopter chase and the full works after us.

Wow. Yashar'Al wait on Yahuah! Don't loose HOPE. Die trusting in Him!!!!!

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