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Friday, February 12, 2016

Quality of a Wailing Woman


          There are generally two kinds of women mentioned in the Bible. The first type is the one described in 1 Tim. 5: 6, “who lives in pleasure, who is dead while living”. To this category belongs the Jezebel woman of Revelation 2: 20-23. Such are not the type of women God is calling into His wailing programme. Although she may be found in the Church, even bearing the name Prophetess, she is not qualified for she lives in pleasure.

          The second kind of woman is an epitome of Serah. She is described in 1 Pet. 3:4 as possessing the two God-admired, unfading inner jewelries of “a meek and quiet spirit”. She is not a gay and gaudy or loud and lousy type, but a sober one: the woman of meek and a quiet spirit, on whose tears the salvation of the land has come to depend on.

          Take heed! If the Church will be thus visited with dead, what shall we do? Death has come up into the palace to destroy us. Daughters of Zion, arise and take a wailing. The world is waiting for our prophetic tears."

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