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Monday, December 1, 2014

Being Yasharal

What's it like to be Yasharal.

When you don't want it to be like the first time.
When you know every homeless shelter and soup kitchen in town and they know you by name.

When you are so exhausted in body , mind, and ruach that you still give Yahuah the esteem.
Humility is your garment and the Thurah is the vehicle you use to reach out to Yahuah

Then you are on the right path to really knowing Yahusha our model and are in the right position to be redeemed. Be consistent and practice righteousness and Yahuah might remember you. Might.



  1. wow. All praise to Yahuah! This is what the nations need to see...the return of His people...the return to His His word. We really need this! THIS IS ATTRACTIVE TO THE HEART.
    Shalum achuty...-Y`anah

    1. Aman. The nations do need to see a healthy Yashar'al once again to the esteem of YAHUAH.