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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hear O ye Nation of Yasharal!

Hear O Yasharal Yahuah is calling his people from the 4 corners. Return O ye nation! And hearken unto right ruleing for a Turah proseedeth from his mouth teach ye the people shine your light. For the reign of Aluhym is near!


  1. Aman! May it be so. We want to come to your Kadash mountain Yahuah. There we will worship you as you have wanted all along. Be esteemed! Take your great power & Reign!

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  3. Let the will of Yahuah our Abba be magnified in the earth, and may his glory flourish from the four corners of the earth. And may his great and powerful NAME reign among his set apart ones. For our hope is in him who is able to SAVE and REDEEM the lost tribe of Yasharal. Amein! Amein! Amein! Shelah!!!

    1. Aman! May we return to the covenant of our fathers under the fear of Yahuah.