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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shachah Yahuah

In the shadows I cry,
In the morning I smile,
Because I know that I am overcoming.

This world's systems are arrid and extra dry depleted of compassion,
I look to you ALL powerful Yahuah and trust you see me.

Your Ruach does lead me in Your paths of righteousness, truth, and repentenace.

I shall rehearse your mighty acts of kindness for your name's sake.

May the book of remeberance speak of your life lived through me.

Surely goodness and mercy are my rear guards for you speak,
and I listen.

Be exalted Yahuah for there is none like you!

None to compete with the matchless power you wield!

Set apart and near is our Great Yahuah!

I pray this tahal find you in the joy of our Master.
-Atara ZaphanYahu Bat Yahuah Bat Yashar'AL

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