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Sunday, April 28, 2013

A lesson from ChaZQYaHU

Preface about ChaZQYaHU:

Malakym Bayt 18:3And he did what was right in the
eyes of YAHUAH
, according to all that his
father Dauḏ did
4He took away the high places and
broke the pillars and cut down the
Asharah and broke in pieces the bronze
serpent which Mashah had made, for
until those days the children of Yashar’al
burned incense to it and called it
5He put his trust in YAHUAH Alahym
of Yashar’al and after him was none
like him among all the sovereigns of
Yahuḏah, nor who were before him

6and he clung to YAHUAH. He did not
turn away from following Him, but
guarded His commands, which YAHUAH AT(h)
had commanded Mashah.

7And YAHUAH was with him –
wherever he went he acted wisely. And
he rebelled against the sovereign of
Ashshur and did not serve him.

Malakym Bayt 18-20
YashaYahu 37-39

“O YAHUAH Alahym of Yashar'al,
the One AT(h) who dwells between the
karuḇym, You are Alahym, You alone AT(h),
of all the reigns of the earth. You AT(h) have
made the heavens and earth.
“Incline Your ear, O YAHUAH and hear.
Open Your eyes, O YAHUAH and see. And
hear the words of Sanḥaryḇ, which he
has sent to reproach the living Alahym.
“Truly, YAHUAH , the sovereigns of
Ashshur have laid waste the nations and
their lands,
and have put their mighty ones into
the fire, for they were not mighty ones,
but the work of men’s hands, wood and
stone and destroyed them.
“And now, O YAHUAH our Alahym, I
pray, save us from his hand, so that all
the reigns of the earth know that You are
AT(h)YAHUAH Alahym, You alone.”

When faced with insurmountable odds (Sanḥaryḇ & life threatening sickness) he sought YAHUAH (in YashaYahu & prayer) with bitter tears, sackcloth & ashes, torn garments.
YAHUAH heard his cry.
YAHUAH added life (15 years), shalum & truth, favor against enemies in battle.
YAHUAH gave signs that His word was true:

1. Harvest-"This
year you eat what grows of itself and in
the second year what springs from that
and in the third year sow and reap and
plant vineyards and eat their fruit."
2. Fruitful remnant-‘And the remnant who have escaped
of the house of Yahuḏah shall again take
root downward and bear fruit upward.‘For out of Yerushalayim comes forth
a remnant and those who escape from
Mount Tsiyon – the ardour of YAHUAH
does this.’
3. Bringing shadow 10 degrees backward on sundial!

What have you done for Him lately?
What has he done for you lately?

Remember YAHUAH is not a respecter of persons.

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