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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Al'ph Uau Rash-Aur Hua Turah

Light. The funny thing about light is that it shines and exposes things. The particles of dust in my room as it rises in the morning. As it wanes the dust is unnoticeable. Can you relate?
Can you Relate?
Can you Relate?
What is our light? What is the light? Who is our light? The light?
Yes! He is beautiful!
What is beauty?
Obedience Is  beautiful. How beautiful are the feet that bring the basurah of the reign! Baruch haba b'sham Yahuah!
Enter in! 
Into the narrow gate. Yes.
Now that I have your attention. Listen. We need to talk you are 'flicted, tow up, and all of dat there.
I know. I can work with that, though. As a matter of fact, I can only work with people like you! We have a long road ahead together, there will be death, pain, suffering, but it will not come to you. Is that something that is cool?
If I have you by my side I know I can make it through.
Great! Lets get it!

Light. The funny thing about light is that it exposes darkness. Yahuah dwells there and everywhere! In Light & darkness. Take courage in that fact and know, when he lifts up your skirt he is not doing it to leave you uncovered but to give you his covering. He exposes our darkness to give us His light:)

The Turah (His teachings, commands, words=Yahusha) is our Light.

YashaYahu 8:20To the Torah and to the witness!
If they do not speak according to
this Word, it is because they have no

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