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Thursday, November 15, 2012

On the verge of a Nervous Breakdown

May I speak freely?

I myself, other brothers & sisters have commented & declared this sentiment of "I dont know how much more I can take of this", "overwhelmed", "I just cant take it anymore".

Guess what we will all have to suck it up. Not in the rude sense but in the sense of :

In the world you will have trouble but YahuSHA leaves us his shalum & the comforter Ru'ch ha Kudash. So when we have the mindset of Yahuah, it sucks up the trouble, doubt, fear, & stress!

Be encouraged!

Let not your heart be troubled. He has given us what will happen in the end so that we know what is coming.

He has not given us a ruch of fear but of power, love, and soudness of mind.Press on. Those who endure to the end will get to the end. What is that end? What do we go through these hard times for? Nothing? May it not be so.

It is for something that we can not see, riches of the reign of ha shamayim, brethren!

Think on that!

Seek his reign & his righteousness (keep Turah) all shall be added. It says nothing about feelings. Did you peep that scene? His promises deal with what is concrete not abstract (feelings).

We all are going through a shaking, rumbling & tumbling because we are at the BEGINNING of birth pains. If we are struggling with the beginning of birth pains, how will we make it through the birth?

Therefore stand firm that faith/belief might be found in you by your bridegroom. Keep oil in your lamp! Hello?! I'm talking to myself too!

Many are striving to get on this narrow path, it is eluded by many! I say these things to ENCOURAGE you to stay on His Path so that we might rejoice at the saying "Well done my good & faithful servant".

Be poured out as an offering & sacrifice to Yahuah for He is Great & greatly to be praised. He is to be feared & esteemed. There is NONE like Him, Yahuah & Yahuah Alaph & Tu YahuSHA.

סֶלָה‎ *Please disregard vowel pointing.

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